Our Approach

HSP’s fundamental values shape every aspect of our search process. Our relationships with clients and candidates are based on our core philosophies of integrity, collaboration, and excellence. Our approach is team-oriented, with an emphasis on knowledge sharing and collective responsibility.

HSP Model

HSP’s recruiting model yields impressive results

Our aggressive candidate sourcing efforts, along with proven candidate screening and assessment expertise, ensure that clients have access to all relevant candidates. We work closely with clients to clearly define all search parameters and job specifications.  Moreover, we invest in developing an in-depth understanding of our clients’ corporate cultures, team structures, human capital priorities, and internal processes, enabling us to most effectively market an opportunity.

HSP Service

HSP is dedicated to providing the best possible recruiting experience

To ensure the highest level of service to each of our valued clients, we are selective about the firms we work with and the searches we choose to take on.  Our commitment to quality and integrity extends equally to our candidates – we strive to be responsive and attentive to candidates and their needs.

HSP Commitment

HSP’s client commitment extends beyond the scope of a search

We are highly responsive to all client requests, and our team is fully accessible, even when not engaged in a search. We share market intelligence about hiring and compensation trends, candidate perspectives on recruiting, and other information that is important to our clients.

HSP Excellence

HSP actively endeavors to enhance our services

Our passion for excellence never stops, and we are continually looking for ways to improve. Our team regularly analyzes HSP’s systems and processes, exploring ways to refine our search execution and strengthen our overall performance.  We truly value our clients’ and candidates’ input and believe that incorporating their feedback is essential to both their and our continued success.